Interview with Oliver Sinovcic, Owner & Managing Director of Simex Baumaschinenhandel GmbH

por Sophia Wamberg

16.11.2020 0 3434

Discover the German company, SIMEX Baumaschinenhandel GmbH

1)    Mr. Sinovcic, could you tell us the history of SIMEX Baumaschinen GmbH? 

Simex Baumaschinen was founded by Vjeko Sinovcic in 1980 and was taken over from his son Oliver Sinovcic in 2010. 

Simex stands for Sinovcic Machinery Export.

In the year 2000, we have finished our new building in Sindelfingen Maybachstrasse with a workshop, washing box, offices, and yard.  


Oliver Sinovcic, Owner & Managing Director of Simex Baumaschinenhandel GmbH

2)    Dealing with international clients, how important it is to give them a safe buying experience today?  

Nothing is more important! Every one of our clients is coming back if they need more machines or after year another machine! Even when there is a new client from the other side of the world, we find a safe way for both sides to make the first deal.


3)     What do you bring to the market and how can you help customers?

We have all kinds of types of machinery and brands - from the small generator to 400t crane.

We can help the customer to get the right machines for their project and delivered it to their place or the closest port.   


4)    How do you build trusting relationships between your company and buyers?

We are always fair and looking for both sides to be happy and business is going save


5)    On your website, we can see a partner section with “VfB Stuttgart” and IEDA. Could you tell us more about it? 

VfB Stuttgart is our local football/soccer team, here we are a business partner IEAD is the Independent Equipment Dealers Association - The IEDA is a recognized professional association for reputable independent used equipment dealers and companies. The organization's principal role is to serve as a forum to connect qualified dealers, build relationships, and foster ethical business practices. 


6)    Mr. Sinovcic, the SIMEX Baumaschinen GmbH company has been in the business of the import and export of used construction machinery for over 35 years. Could you tell us where your customers come from and on which portals you currently advertise? 

We have customers all over the world, there are really only a few white spots on the globe which we didn´t sell any equipment - so please contractor´s or dealers from Cuba, Honduras, Uruguay, Paraguay, India, and Tadzhikistan come so we have sold the all 193 countries in the world.

But the main business we do is in the USA, Australia, Congo and here in Europe.  We advertise in Mascus, Machinerytrader, MMT, MyScrapMachine, Machineryzone, etc.



Sophia Wamberg

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