Interview with Michael Rohmeder, CEO & Founder of

by Sophia Wamberg

01.07.2020 0 6502

Equippo is a Swiss company established in 2014 ...

Where does Equippo come from and what is it all about?

Equippo is a Swiss company established in 2014 by Michael Rohmeder and Philipp Knobel, and founded on the belief that buying used heavy equipment on the global market should be simple. The market was filled with dishonest players and black sheep who made it difficult and risky to buy used equipment internationally. The existing channels did not adequately meet the second-hand market needs. Large manufacturers have global dealer networks, but dealers are focused on their own brand and their own country.

The need for a new way of buying that was transparent, simple and safe - was imminent. 

Our mission is to make global equipment sales extremely easy. We aim to provide an excellent and personal customer experience and to create the most intuitive and user-friendly online equipment marketplace in the world.