Seven Pieces of Used Construction Equipment You Can Find Online

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Have you ever read anything by Emmert Wolf? You are thinking Emmert who? Not a lot is remembered about Emmet Wolf, yet he said something...

Have you ever read anything by Emmert Wolf?

You are thinking Emmert who? Not a lot is remembered about Emmet Wolf, yet he said something that you will definitely have heard of before and agree with.

“A man is only as good as his tools.”

This wisdom is timeless and will long outlive Emmert Wolf. The truth is that as a worker in the construction industry you need certain machinery to achieve fundamental jobs. For example, an excavator is vital for the digging and clearing associated with preparing construction sites.

Without the right tool, you are going to be very limited in the work you can do. A new excavator on costs between $100,000 to $500,000. The price depends on the specification. Either way, that is a big investment. Have you considered buying used construction equipment?

Here are 7 types of used construction equipment you can buy online.

1. Dig Yourself a Big Hole

Man has been digging holes since the beginning. Modern man has taken it to a new level. An excavator is an incredibly flexible piece of machinery.

They can be used for digging holes, trenches and foundations for buildings and other structures. Not only can you dig with them but you can move earth from one area to another according to need.

That also means they are a very useful tool for landscaping and also in the forestry industry. Basically, if there is any heavy lifting to be done, the excavator may be the right tool. Of course, last but not least is demolition.

2. Boom and Dipper

If you are familiar with this type of machinery you will know we are talking about a backhoe loader or a JCB as it is sometimes referred to in the UK.

This basically looks like a tractor. The front arm is called the boom and the rear bucket is called the dipper. This is another very versatile piece of equipment.

The front digger on the boom arm is used to draw earth or other things towards the machine in a sort of clawing action. It can be used to dig trenches and move earth much like an excavator. The bucket on the back can be switched up to include a digger of different widths.

The great thing about this equipment is that it can be driven to the construction site depending on the distance.

3. Swiss Army Knife of Construction

This is the skid-steer loader. This is a very versatile piece of equipment. It can come with many attachments that allow it to be very useful across many industries and settings.

A defining quality is that it can turn on a very small footprint. That allows it to be used in confined spaces and where much of the construction has already been completed. It is wheel driven and yet offers good traction on loose surfaces such as snow and soil.

The fact this is on wheels means that there are less soil and surface compaction. It is a brilliant tool just like a swiss army knife.

4. You’re Dumped

This is the articulated hauler. A brilliant workhorse that will transport almost anything and over almost any terrain. It is affectionately referred to as the dumper.

They have an excellent reputation for being able to climb incredibly steep inclines will carrying a heavy load. The well-designed suspension enables them to move their load over difficult terrain. They are a vital tool for many industries.

5. You’re a Push Over

Maybe you guessed this piece of used construction equipment is the bulldozer. It is well known and well loved. It is not as flexible in its application as many of the other machines.

However, it is a powerhouse and is one of the strongest machines in the industry. Its heavy weight and amazing power and torque enable it to push earth and heavyweight out of its path.

It is a brilliant tool for clearing construction areas and can even be used to break big boulders down so they can be used in the base preparation for buildings. If you buy something big and heavy like this, how are you going to transport it? Check out how we can help here.

6. Does What It Says on the Tin

When you hear this name there are no prizes for guessing what this piece of equipment does. It is called a trencher.

Just like the name this useful machine digs trenches. It is used for creating trenches that will house pipes and even cabling.

The sizes of this equipment vary according to purpose. You can buy very large industrial scale machines or smaller versions that you can walk behind.

7. On a Roll

Rollers or compactors are comprised of a heavy rolling drum that serves to compact a surface down.

These can be smooth surfaced or have a textured surface depending on their application. It is also possible to have vibratory systems within them to help create a finer surface.

If you are looking for construction equipment you want to buy from people you can trust. Check out how we can help here.

Are You Ready to Buy Used Construction Equipment?

Buying used construction equipment is a smart choice in which you can save thousands of dollars when compared to buying new. As you can see from this article it is possible to buy just about any piece of equipment you need.

Machinery Scanner is about creating trust between customers and companies in the industry. If you have questions please get in touch here.


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