How it all started

After years of working for leaders in the machinery trading industry, Stefano d’Alberti and Matthieu Gress know from first-hand experience that there is a real lack of trust in the market, due to the increasing number of cases of fraud and a fragmentation of the European market. To solve these problems, we decided to build this online platform with new technologies to revolutionize the industry, which is ripe for disruption because the users are more tech-savvy.

The first step was to create the review and certification system to create an environment of trust, and then we built and launched Europe’s largest aggregator for heavy equipment.

What we do?

Search Engine

Machinery catalog

A Machines & Trucks search engine that returns information about available units.

Indeed the Search Engine gives its users the ability to search across multiple listing portals and find the best deal in less time.

Just type the machine you are looking for in the search bar and our Search Engine will pull out results from the best portals worldwide. Time is precious and finding the best deal in just one click is priceless!

Find your next piece of equipment in a smarter way...find it in a safer way!

Review system

Our focus

MachineryScanner is the only third-party review system dedicated to your industry

Our system helps you take control of your image and online reputation.

Your company offers quality services and products, it is time to be rewarded for it.

MachineryScanner is not just another review system, it is a real conversion tool.


Our focus

The Certification Mark was made by insiders from this industry to fight against frauds and online scammers.

Show the world your company has been verified and use the certification badge to your best advantage. Display it on your site or even in your emails' signature, and get out of the crowd.

You are a trustworthy company! Show it!

Inspection service

Machinery catalog

You found the machine you were looking for, great!

To avoid any bad surprise, first, check the machine shape, ask our help. We have the best engineers and inspectors to verify it.

We strongly recommend a pre-delivery inspection, as it will significantly reduce the risk of a bad surprise when buying equipment located abroad, far from your home.

Shipping service

Machinery catalog

You found the right machine, made sure of the machine conditions. What’s next?

To transport or ship the machine you need to find a professional company that can deliver it without any risk.

Don’t lose time looking around, you can use our dedicated heavy equipment transport and shipping service to deliver your machine wherever you want.

Marketing LAB

Our focus

Nowadays, more and more people are screening websites online. The future is in the online world and digital marketing.

To help you grow in the world of tomorrow our LAB can assist you with:

  • Hot Lead Generation
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO
  • Press Release
  • Content Marketing
  • Web design

Rely on MachineryScanner for your digital development and marketing strategy. We take care of it so you can focus on sales and on your business.

Machinery support

Support customers

We help people buy with confidence.

Machinery community

Strong community

Sharing experience builds trust & transparency.

Machinery companies

Satisfied companies

We help companies harness the power of reviews.

What is our focus?

Our focus

Heavy machinery

Our focus

Trucks & trailers

Our focus

Farm equipment

Our focus

Handling and lifting

Our focus


Our focus

Spare Parts

Our clients?

Our customers are dealers, manufacturers, rental companies, auction companies, working companies selling used and/or new machines, trucks, agricultural equipment, handling material, attachments, and spare parts. At the same time, our services were launched to help private customers on the market find a company they can actually trust. MachineryScanner is a network of trustworthy people.

80k+ Website monthly visits
50k+ Machines in database
20k+ Written reviews
55k+ Registered companies

Portability Partnership

MachineryScanner offers the possibility to bring your Ranking and your Reviews directly on the best Listing Portals around the world. Therefore buyers can choose and make the best decisions not only based on the price but also looking at the quality of the service you provide!

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