Certification program

To fight against frauds and online scammers, we decided to create the certification program.

Differentiate your company from the crowd and be part of a trustful network!

Ask to be certified

Each company is checked before receiving the MachineryScanner certification. Our evaluation criteria involve strict requirements for service quality as well as legal obligations.

We can certify companies working in the machinery and equipment sectors as well. The certification mark helps clients understand they are on the right website. When added in your email signature, it shows that you are a serious and reliable company.

Customers protection from Frauds and online scammers

Nowadays, everybody is looking for information online before contacting a dealer. Usually, we ask our friends if they know this company or we look for comments online to make sure there is a real business behind a name and a logo. Our certification helps you to avoid this stressful period.

Don’t waste your time looking for good dealers, rely on rating, and look for the certification badge.

Shop safer! Shop smarter!

Some of our Trusted dealers and companies

The Certified Mark distinguishes the trustworthy companies

Apply for Certified Mark and show that your company has been verified. Offer more security to your clients! Indeed, a company with Certified Mark is a company caring about its clients and their opinion.

With the certification mark, differentiate your company from the crowd.

Your sales at its max

Increase your conversion rate showing the Certified Mark and your customers’ reviews. More trust means that customers stay on your website longer. The positive atmosphere leads to more transactions and for e-commerce to higher average basket values and a decrease in the cart abandonment rate.

Safer for your clients, better for your company

That’s the promise we make to any users who buy from companies displaying the Certified Mark. Those certified dealers and companies have been verified by us. Show off the Certified Mark on your website! During our audit, we do verify:

The VAT # of the company;

The location;

The pictures displayed online;

The overall reputation of the company.