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Clean Mat Group The Clean Mat Group is the versatile specialist in municipal vehicles and other used trucks. Due to the unique concept of Clean Mat Group, in which the rental of all kinds of municipal trucks, the sale of used trucks and bodywork construction are merged into a powerful group, you have a single point of contact for a complete service....


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My Experience

Mar 28, 2023

STAY AWAY from this COMPANY!!! I wanted to buy a truck and was reached out to salesperson XAVIER. I told him that I need a proforma invoice for the leasing company and then he sent me the sales contract and proforma invoice. In the sales contract, there were some clauses of penalty and commitment and after I signed the contact I told him in my email that I ll buy the machine after the approval of leasing. He started yelling at me on the phone that he didnt like this as he was told that the machine was going to be bought by cash. It really shocked me that the guy was lying to my face. I never told him that I will buy with cash. Then I paid the 10% of deposit and completed the remaining payment in the duration. I asked him about the transportation, he gave me 4k eur which was extremely high and I said I ll arrange my own driver, can you please get the machine ready for the transportation. He said that I can bring my driver after the paperwork is done which is 3 days. Meanwhile I wanted to have a repair package, he told me that It could take 2 days so the machine will be ready in 5 days. After the 5 days, he told me to wait 2 more weeks as they were busy with other trucks. I told him that the machines is booked for a project please keep your word, he started yelling at me again that this is not his problem. Then I said I will get the truck without repair, can you please get the truck ready for paperwork. He said the truck is ready for transportation. After we came to pick up the truck, he said that did you bring your plate which was not told us to bring. We said no you didnt tell us, and then he said of course he did which was another lie from him:) He even told us that we can drive the machine without the plate It is a bit risky(Can you believe this advise???) He got angry from the beginning and he was taking some revenge, an unbelievable person… He said that the plate could be ready in 3 days. I said wait, you said last week that the paperwork will be done in 3 days and then you told me the truck is ready. Now you are telling me that I need to wait 3 more days, what you have done in terms of paperwork last week? He didnt respond, He asked for 650 EUR for the plate, and I had to take the driver to a hotel to wait which caused me 2 night hotel stay cost and driver payment for extra days besides 650 EUR. There could be many hidden cost of your business with this company, especially with XAVIER. They seem very professional but they are unhelpful and angry! I have all the conversation history by screenshots!

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