Interview of Hassan M. H. Franji, Boss of Makinabook

da Sophia Wanberg

01.05.2022 0 5788

Discover Makinabook, the new and growing listing portal from the Middle East!

  1. Hassan, can you introduce your new and growing portal Makinabook? 

Makinabook was back in 2004 a printed magazine. With time and the development of new technologies and the growth of the Internet and the digital world, we decided to launch the Makinabook portal.

Today, Makinabook is an online portal that allows users to sell or buy all kinds of vehicles, heavy machinery, equipment, industrial machines, attachments, and spare parts.

Our market place is unique - the buyer and seller can interact directly without a middleman or a third party!

In addition to the used equipment division, we also provide different services including: unit evaluation, showroom sector, blogs, forums as well as a database of different service providers.

In Makinabook, we endeavour to provide premium solutions in various sectors; we are committed to high quality standards and fast service process in everything we do.