Interview with Allan Kelly, Marketing Director of Euro Auctions

da Sophia Wanberg

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Where does Euro Auctions come from and what is it all about?

Where does Euro Auctions come from and what is it all about?

Euro Auctions has been conducting unreserved auctions of industrial plant, construction equipment and agricultural machinery since 1998.  Today, Euro Auctions conducts around 60 major auctions every year around the globe, in seven countries over four continents. Euro Auctions is the trusted partner for buying and selling industrial plant, construction equipment and agricultural machinery around the world. The company is the market leader in Europe holding more sales and selling more lots per sale than any other auction house.

Euro Auctions’ Head Office is located in Dromore, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Eight more permanent auction sites exist in England, Germany, Spain, Australia, USA, and UAE. All sites are fully operational at all times, with permanent offices, auction yards and full time staff. Euro Auctions employs over 300 staff worldwide, in 14 countries, from over 20 nationalities speaking over 30 languages.

Dealing with international clients, how important is it to give them a safe buying experience today? 

Extremely, that’s why we continue to invest in our website and online bidding platform.  We always strive to make this easier and safer to use. 

What are the advantages of using your auction system or platform for sellers and buyers? 

Buyers attend in search of quality equipment at a fair price, with no reserve prices, no minimum bids and no buy-backs from sellers. Our unreserved policy ensures that buyers can purchase equipment at true global market value.

The unreserved policy attracts sellers because they are confident that with so many interested buyers from around the world in competition, their equipment will achieve the best possible price. Sellers know that their consignments will be exposed to potential buyers all around the world through brochures and advertising and on auction day our sellers know that an unreserved auction is a true reflection of market value.

Euro Auctions Unreserved Policy ensures that neither the seller, nor their agents are permitted, by contract, to bid or buy back their own equipment.

Euro Auctions is one of the first auction companies for machinery in Europe. Where are your auction sites based?

Northern Ireland, England, Germany, Spain, Australia, USA, and UAE. All sites are fully operational at all times, with permanent offices, auction yards and full time staff. 


How do you build trusting relationships between your company and buyers?

We know all our customers personally. The global industrial plant, construction equipment and agricultural machinery market is a small and intimate world and over the years the Euro Auctions team have striven to get to know those that buy or sell with us on a regular basis.

By getting to know our customers we have been able to provide support to our sellers when finding the perfect buyers for their equipment and machinery.

Regardless of what our consignors have to sell, we have the intelligence to know on a global scale who will be interested in that particular type of industrial plant, construction equipment or agricultural machinery. With this knowledge we can ensure both buyer and seller are truly happy with the service we provide.

Mr. Kelly, as previously mentioned, Euro Auctions is one of the European leaders in the auction of used industrial vehicles and equipment. Can you tell us where the sellers and buyers who work with your system mainly come from? 

Our two largest regions are Europe and North America however given our global nature we also have substantial customer bases across the Asia Pacific region.

Euro Auctions is working hard on the Customer Experience, you have for a few months now, a brand new website, and you just renewed the partnership with MachineryScanner for the Review System and the Certification Program with marketing services. How important is working on the online reputation for you today?

Online reputation is vitally important,and that includes that ability to transact in a safe and easy manner. Given the situation with Covod 19 this is even more so in today's climate.  Our new website enables users to find equipment in a more holistic way, register to bid for that item and buy it safely and securely.  We will continue to refine and develop our website with additional language options and enhanced customer service options.  We have also recently developed our 24/7 Daily Marketplace which offers another selling/buying experience further improving the service we provide our customers. 


Sophia Wanberg

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